Shania Twain On Her Open Throat Surgery And How It Altered Her Voice

As a singer, and especially in a caliber like Twain’s, this is the single most terrifying thing that she could ever probably experience because her voice is a big part of her identity. But she eventually came to terms with losing her old voice and rediscovering her new one. Though just like losing anything, especially a part of yourself, the recovery was still a big challenge for her that she had to step away from the limelight for over a decade. 

People were looking for her and wondering what had happened to her, but no one could give any answers. 

Shania Twain was scared that she would never sing again, but she got through that moment and found her own way with the help of lengthy warmups and very difficult physical therapy. And in 2012, she made her long-awaited comeback, gracing the stage of The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Then in 2017, she finally made her full-length return with her fifth studio album titled Now. It was her first after 15 years. 

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