Remembering Country Star Dottie West

Singer-songwriter Dottie West is considered one of the country music genre’s most influential and trailblazing female artists. Learn more about her here.

Dottie West & Kenny Rogers
Dottie West & Kenny Rogers

Dorothy Marie Marsh aka Dottie West was born October 11, 1932 in McMinnville, Tennessee and was the oldest of 10 children. She was mostly known for her career as a songwriter and singer of country pop songs. Her friend Patsy Cline was her mentor throughout her career. Throughout her career, West struggled with rising above the crowd in a mostly male-dominated country music scene.

West began appearing on the radio around her 13th birthday and went on the study music at Tennessee Tech. There, she advanced her music career as she sang in a band and played the steel guitar. When she was about 20 years old, Bill West became her first husband. After she graduated from Tennessee Tech, she moved to Cleveland, Ohio with her husband and two kids.

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