Unorthodox Love Story of Marty Stuart and Connie Smith

Decades follow and Stuarts’ prediction takes life when Connie Smith asks him to help her to produce an album. During the writing sessions, he began to remember his old childhood infatuation with Smith. They wrote love songs together for her album and the feeling started to take over him. “This does not line up, I was fighting it and resisting it.” – Stuart said. Afterwards, he confessed his growing feeling to her. He called his mom to ask for advice because its the only thing he could think of.

I said ‘mama I need to come talk to you’ and I laid out everything I was feeling and the impossibilities and how ridiculous it all looked on paper. She let me get it all out and she said ‘son, 5 minutes of the right thing is better than 50 years of the wrong thing’ and I said ‘case closed’” – Stuart said.

After some small talk, Stuart ask Smith to meet in a parking lot of a grocery store in Nashville. When he finally saw her, he walked up to her car and kissed her. She replied “let’s do that again!” and the romance started there.

In 1997, and after dating for three years, Stuart and Smith got married. They were married on a Native American reservation in the Dakotas and ended with a happily ever after.

Watch the video below of Marty Stuart telling their love and marriage with Connie Smith here.

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