Why Randy Travis Never Had Children?


Randy Travis grew up in a big family, but never had any children of his own. There’s a reason for that.

Why Randy Travis Never Had Children
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Randy‘s wife Mary Travis told in an interview about his raising in Marshville, N.C. and how that affected him as he got older. The couple also talked about his complicated relationship with ex-wife Lib Hatcher, whom the country singer divorced in 2010.

“His daddy was pretty tough,”Travis says. “A carousing sort of a guy, drank a lot, had a temper that couldn’t be tempered … was not real kind on a bad day, Randy said, but then there were these other days that were pure magic around the house and Daddy was the kindest, gentlest, sweetest man in the world.”

Travis goes on to describe how Travis’ mother had a soft heart, and it’s that quality the now 62-year-old singer took with him when he left for Nashville in the early ’80s. His inability to have kids of his own was one of circumstance, she says with Travis in agreement.

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