On This Month: Alan Jackson Marries Wife Denise at Georgia Church in 1979

Alan Jackson and Denise Renew Their Vows

In an interview with People magazine, Alan Jackson said, “We were just kids when we started out. We didn’t even have the chance to fall in love as adults and to learn who we are before making a commitment. I think we lost some of that original feeling. I did anyway.”

Years ago, Alan and Denise hit a rough patch. But true love always prevails. The two worked through the separation and ended up renewing their vows in 1998 on their anniversary.

“We learned that if a relationship’s going to be good, you have to make it a priority,” said Denise Jackson. “Even if it’s getting up 30 minutes before the children do in the morning. Having our coffee, and being together uninterrupted. Or sitting on the porch in the afternoon for 10 minutes to catch up on our day.”

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