Beloved Actor Andy Griffith Had Two Children: Andy Griffith Jr and Dixie Griffith

Andy Griffith
Andy Griffith

It’s undeniable that actor Andy Griffith is one of the most iconic TV stars of all time. Generations of families have enjoyed watching The Andy Griffith Show with Griffith leading the town of Mayberry as Sheriff Andy Taylor. In addition to the popular sitcom, Griffith also starred on Matlock later in life which is also widely beloved and constantly appears in reruns.

Throughout his life, Griffith was married three times to Barbara Bray Edwards, Greek actress Solica Cassuto, and third wife Cindi Knight. Though the beloved actor passed away from a heart attack in 2012, he will always be remembered for his contributions to the TV world.

Though fans are most likely much more familiar with his on-screen son Opie, played by Ron Howard, Griffith was actually a father in real life as well. He had two children — daughter Dixie Griffith and son Andy Griffith Jr.

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