5 Songs You Didn’t Know Alan Jackson Wrote

“I Can’t Do That Anymore” – by Faith Hill

Released in 1996, “I Can’t Do That Anymore” was Faith Hill‘s final single from her multiplatinum second album It Matters to Me. Two years earlier, Hill was on tour with Jackson and personally requested that he write a song that she could record for her next record. Hill rejected Jackson’s first song offer, but said yes to his second offering, “I Can’t Do That Anymore.”

In a 1994 interview, Jackson revealed that his wife Denise thought he had actually written it about her and their own relationship. Alan told the Fort Myers News Press that the relationship issues the song discusses stem from a “universal problem,” adding that all of his male bandmates told him they had received similar messages from their wives.

“I Can’t Do That Anymore” peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard charts and is still known as a favorite amongst Hill’s fans.

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