The Story Behind The Song: “Redneck Girl”

The Bellamy Brothers Redneck Girl
The Bellamy Brothers

Even after the Bellamy Brothers departed Warner Bros. Records and started releasing product on Electra, they still owed their former label more material. The company closed out the agreement with a Greatest Hits album and Warners asked specifically for “Redneck Girl” to round out the collection.


Electra chief Jimmy Bowen had no difficulty at the time parting with that track. He thought, “A song called ‘Redneck Girl?’ That ain’t gonna work – they can have that one!” Well, it turned out to be a great “impact” record for the Bellamys and helped sell a lot of those Greatest Hits packages.

Howard and David recorded “Redneck Girl” utilizing a portable facility set up at their farm in Darby, Florida – appropriate, since part of the inspiration for the song came while they were building their home studio. One of the carpenters got a visit each day at lunchtime from his wife. She drove out to the farm in a pickup truck, carrying a brown paper bag with her husband’s midday meal and a Mason jar filled with iced tea. She stayed with him until the lunch hour was over. The woman reminded David of the redneck girls they frequently saw in the audience while on tour.

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