Tommy Cash’s “My Brother Johnny Cash” Shows There’s No Greater Than The Love Between Family


A Brother’s Tribute To The Man In Black

Tommy Cash‘s affection for his older brother shined through in “My Brother Johnny Cash.” With his deep voice sounding eerily the same to Johnny, he sings about his brother’s life – from his childhood days to the time he spent in the military service to the legendary success he enjoyed in his music career, and even including some of his troublesome days.


He fondly remembers his brother as a man of honor and much more of a legend.

Born in 1940 in Arkansas, Tommy was the youngest among the six siblings. Just like Johnny Cash, he began learning music at a very early age and started his music career by forming a band in his high school days.

Throughout his career, he earned quite a few hits as well. This includes “Six White Horses,” which reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. His other notable hits were “One Song Away,” “Rise and Shine,” and his final top 20 hit, “I Recall a Gypsy Woman.”

You can watch his performance of “My Brother Johnny Cash” in the video below.

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