Check Out These Kitty Wells Songs That Broke Down Barriers in Country Music

Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Kitty Wells Kitty Wells
Kitty Wells

When this dark-haired beauty graced the country music scene back in 1952, she quickly captured the hearts and admiration of anybody and everybody. Country listeners were mesmerized by Kitty Wells songs that showcased her full talent and love for iconic lyrics, which brought her to stardom and paved the way for the powerful female voices that followed.

Meanwhile, others were pretty shocked the first time they saw her singing about honky tonks and cheating husbands. Grand Ole Opry did not even allow her to sing her song “It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels” on the radio broadcast. Still, it dominated the country charts and sold millions of copies – proving that Wells could sell records and jam-pack arenas by belting out country songs from a woman’s perspective.

Today, Kitty Wells‘ influence continues to reverberate around. It’s not for nothing that she became recognized as the first female country star and named the Queen of Country Music. Now, let’s walk down memory lane to check out some of Wells’ greatest hits.

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