The Story Behind The Song: “Amazing Love”

Charley Pride
Charley Pride

After songwriter John Schweers earned his first number one single with Charley Pride’s “Don’t Fight The Feelings Of Love,” his second came with Pride’s follow-up to that release, “Amazing Love.”

Schweers actually wrote “Amazing Love” first, in the fall of 1972, but it went through almost a year’s worth of alterations before the final version saw the light of day. John had taken the song to publisher Tom Collins, but at the time, it wasn’t called “Amazing Love.” That phrase was merely the hook in the final verse. In fact, Schweers doesn’t even remember the song’s original title. Collins didn’t like it as it was, and suggested that John change the title to “Amazing Love” and go from there. However, Schweers started having some problems with the re-write. He wanted it to be positive in its message, but In the song, the narrator is leaving and places a rose on his wife’s pillow for her to find. The trouble John was having was that it seemed as if the man was leaving for good.

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