Dolly Parton Never Calls Husband By His Given Name, Instead Uses A Playful Nickname

dolly parton
Dolly Parton/Instagram

Dolly Parton and Carl Dean have a marriage that many in the entertainment industry envy. But, after 55 years of wedded bliss, Dolly knows how to make Carl upset….call him by his given name.


In an interview with Ladies Home Journal, Parton revealed that she and her husband don’t call each other by their first names. They instead opted for adorable terms of endearment. The reason? Dean gets upset when she calls him Carl.

“It makes him fee-urious when I call him Carl,” Dolly said. “I always call him Daddy and he calls me Mama or Little Kid or Angel Cakes. Sometimes he calls me Dotty to be silly: ‘Okay, Li’l Dotty.’ Maybe once a year I call him Carl and it seems so cold that it really upsets him. Then he gets back by calling me Dolly, which cuts me to the quick.” 

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