Hank Williams Jr.’s Son, Sam Williams, Makes a Statement About His Mother’s Death

Hank Jr & his son, Sam
Hank Jr & his son, Sam

Singer Sam Williams remembers his mother Mary Jane Thomas as a gentle spirit who smiled at every stranger she met. Thomas — who was married to Hank Williams Jr. for 30 years — died on Tuesday (March 22) at age 58.

Sam Williams, 24, is one of two children born to Thomas and Williams Jr. The other is Katie Williams-Dunning, who died in a car crash in 2020, when she was 27.

“My dear Mama Mary Jane was a beautiful soul who forever affected everyone who knew her,” Sam Williams says in a statement, per CMT. “She had a smile and presence that lit up every room, and she never met a stranger she didn’t befriend.”

“Her spirit was gentle and giving. She could take down a ten-point buck and fix dinner for her grandchildren at the same time!”

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