Alan Jackson “Proud” Of Daughter Mattie For “Sharing Her Story” After She Sells Over 20,000+ Copies Of Her New Book


Jackson’s daughter Mattie also co-wrote “Racing In The Dark,” a song Jackson released in conjunction with the release of Mattie’s first book, Lemons On Friday (via Thomas Nelson/W Publishing Group).


“I’m really surprised how well she was able to handle all that. I know I couldn’t have done what she’s done,” Jackson said in a press release. “One day she came to me with this piece of paper and said, ‘I wrote this song…the lyrics,’ and asked me to put it to music. So, I wrote the melody for it, and it turned out to be a very sweet song.”

During an interview with TODAY’s Hoda & Jenna, Mattie opened up about how the song came about. 

“That was such an accident on my part, I’m certainly not a musician, but the lyrics just came to me one day coming up on the two-year anniversary of Ben’s death and Dad, obviously with the talent he has. I said ‘you know, could you put a melody with this?’” Mattie told the TODAY show hosts. “Thinking all the while if this is awful, is he going to tell me? But he did, and he invited me into the whole production process, and it was just such a beautiful surprise. It’s such a gift for me.”

The singer’s daughter continued to share that recording the song felt like a healing gift for their “family as a whole.”

Jackson’s daughters made a cameo in the music video for his song, “Drive (For Daddy Gene)” when they were children.

He wrote a song called, “You’ll Always Be My Baby” for his three daughters’ weddings in 2021. The song appears on Jackson’s album, Where Have You Gone. Jackson’s song, “I Do” is another song he wrote for his daughter’s weddings and also appears on the album.

Lemons on Friday: Trusting God Through My Greatest Heartbreak

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