When Patty Loveless & Vince Gill Made Us Cry at George Jones’ Funeral

Loveless, Gill Tribute: “Go Rest High On That Mountain”

Singing their hearts out, emotional Patty Loveless and Vince Gill gave the most heartfelt performance of the song “Go Rest High on That Mountain.” At points in the song, Vince is so overcome with emotion, and Patty has to take over.

As seen in the audience, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were moved to their feet for Vince & Patty’s emotional tribute, while others are seen crying into their tissues.

Vince Gill considers George Jones more than a country artist. He is his great friend, brother, and an idol.

This performance is one of the most emotional tributes. One cannot stand but to shed a tear. This performance dedicated to the ultimate country singer is wonderful beyond words.

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