10 Facts About Hank Williams Jr. That You Should Know

10 Facts About Hank Williams Jr. That You Should Know
Hank Williams Jr.

Hank Williams Jr. may have had an edge as an artist because of his name, but the facts show that even without it – he would have still made it. And he would still have made it big. 

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Artists who were born into the lineage of legendary musicians all shoulder the heavy expectation that comes with their name. And it’s never easy to really come up on stage and define yourself and your music apart from your name. And for Hank Williams Jr., for quite the early part of his career, as he followed through his father’s famed footsteps, he covered his father’s songs and imitated his style. He was even dubbed as a ‘Hank Williams impersonator.’ But as he grew, he found his own creativity and musical direction and made a name and signature for himself. 

But besides his well-decorated career, what else do we know about him? Let’s take a look at these 10 interesting facts about Hank Williams Jr. to get to know him better.

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