This little trick makes your towels soft and comfortable!

Ammonia and Vinegar

Apart from the high temperatures recommended before, the key to soft towels is using ammonia and vinegar as a simple and easy softener. All you have to do is place a decent amount of these two components in the softener compartment of your washing machine while using the same amount of detergent as before.

The reason for the effectiveness of this simple trick is simple. The ammonia added to the laundry ensures that detergent does not adhere to the towels once the clothes are washed. And while the ammonia takes care of the detergent, the vinegar works in a similar way, protecting your towels from mineral residue. This is especially helpful if you live in an area with mineral-rich water. Combined, these two substances eliminate the stiffness of towels you might be used to and help you feel cozy when drying your body.


We do not recommend the use of fabric softener. Even though many of these products do soften clothes, they pose possible health risks due to the number of chemical substances used. Not to mention that if you use them too often, fabric softeners can also build up in your washing machine, cutting its lifespan by years.

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