The Story Behind The Song: “Forever And Ever, Amen”

“Forever And Ever, Amen” Randy Travis
Randy Travis

Songwriter Paul Overstreet migrated to Nashville from his hometown of Antioch, Mississippi at the dawn of the 1980s. He toiled at his craft unknown and unnoticed in Music City for several years until a twist of fate teamed him with another writer by the name of Don Schlitz. Don had already tasted enormous success with his song “The Gambler,” a mega-hit for Kenny Rogers back in 1978. Meanwhile, Overstreet had been caught up in the grip of alcoholism for several years. He turned to religion, and fortunately was able to find sobriety and turn his life around just before he and Schlitz started writing together. One of the first songs they penned was Randy Travis’s “On The Other Hand.” Not surprisingly, when that song hit the top of the charts, Randy wanted the team to produce another golden moment for him.

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