What Happened to Patsy Cline’s Children After Her Death in 1963?

What Happened to Patsy Cline’s Children After Her Death in 1963?
Patsy Cline with her children with little Randy in her arms and Julie to the right.

Patsy Cline’s Children, Julie and Randy, were just four and two when they lost their mother to a plane crash in 1963 while flying back home from a show in Kansas City. But strange as it may seem, Cline knew her time was short. 

So after giving birth to her youngest child, she spontaneously wrote her will on a Delta Airlines stationary. She started the will by declaring that she wanted her two kids to be placed under the care of her mother should anything happen to her: 

“I…leave to Hilda Virginia Hensley my mother, my children Julie Symadore Dick and Allen Randolph Dick to be cared for, and raised by the best of her ability until they are eighteen years of age.” 

She also wrote that her husband and her children’s father, Charlie Dick, could visit them, but that they must “remain” in her mother’s home until adulthood. She also named her mother as the recipient of her royalties; that way, she could use the payments to take care of the children she will leave behind.

Fifty-nine years after “I Fall to Pieces” singer’s death, you might be wondering where are Patsy Cline’s kids now. If you want to know, please keep on reading.

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