Alan Jackson’s Daughter Mattie Announces Engagement

Alan Jackson’s Daughter Mattie Announces Engagement
Mattie Jackson Selecman/Instagram

Congratulations are in order for Mattie Jackson Selecman, the oldest daughter of country legend Alan Jackson, who announced her engagement on Sunday (September 4).

“Well… came down for a beach week to celebrate my sweet man’s 30th birthday. Didn’t know we’d end up celebrating choosing the rest of our lives together!!” Mattie wrote. “Feeling overwhelmingly thankful, excited, and thrilled for this kind-of-surprise but so-fervently-prayed for ENGAGEMENT…I love your playful spirit and your kind heart and your infectious-ness for life, Connor Smith. I cannot wait to be your wife and build a family with you! You are the biggest blessing in the dang cutest package. Love you baby.”

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