Alan Jackson on that time Merle Haggard didn’t like his mama’s lemon pie

Alan Jackson Recalls Merle Haggard Accidentally Bashing His Mama’s Lemon Pie: “Don’t Eat That God**mn Yella Pie!”
Alan Jackson/Merle Haggard

What’s one of Alan Jackson‘s favorite Merle Haggard stories?

Well, it starts — and ends — with a slice of lemon pie. 

Haggard and Jackson got to know each other on tour years ago, the latter told The Tennessean in an interview for his new record, “Where Have You Gone.” Haggard supported the “Chattahoochee” hitmaker for a run of shows.

“He opened or me, believe it or not, which was very strange,” Jackson said. “It felt weird going on after Merle. It was such a treat having him out there. He’s just so classy.” 

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