Here Are Some Facts About Tanya Tucker, From Being A Pre-Teen Country Sensation To A Legendary Artist


6. She’s a native of Seminole, Texas. 

Born Tanya Denise Tucker on October 10, 1958, the country star is the youngest among four children. Tucker’s father was a heavy equipment operator who often moved his family – around Arizona, Utah, and Nevada – to seek better work opportunities.


5. She has always wanted to be a country singer. 

Tucker grew up attending concerts by country stars like Mel Tillis and Ernest Tubb with her family. Meanwhile, her sister LaCostas was already singing. Tucker also expressed her desire to be a country singer at the young age of eight.

4. She has never walked down the aisle.

Tucker’s romantic life has been a controversial one. She has been involved with various entertainers, including Merle Haggard, Andy Gibb, and Don Johnson. But perhaps her most notable relationship was with Glen Campbell. The singer-songwriter even appeared in a number of Tanya Tucker Songs, including the Grammy-nominated hit “Dream Lover.”


In one interview with Tucker, the country star revealed that she’s always been afraid of getting married because of many couples divorcing. The country star also had a few failed engagements.

3. She’s a mother of three. 

Tucker was also romantically involved with American actor-producer Ben Reed and was blessed with two children: Presley Tanita and Beau Grayson. In 1997, Tucker almost got married when she got engaged to multi-award-winning musician Jerry Laseter. Two years later, their daughter Layla LaCosta was born.

All of Tucker’s three children followed in her musical footsteps. 

2. She once revealed her hidden battle with depression. 

In 2014, Tucker lost his mother – which took a toll on her emotional and mental health. Making things worse was a frightening accident that almost ended her career. 


Tucker was undergoing a routine dermal abrasion skin treatment when things didn’t go according to plan. It left her with second and third-degree burns all over her face, nose, and lungs. It also changed her voice. This threw her into a deep depression. Luckily, her music saved her.

1. She has not given up on finding lasting love. 

While she’s been unlucky in love for many decades, she’s determined to put an end to that. In 2020, Tucker revealed that she’s dating singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham – who she previously dated in the early 1990s and 2008. 

Thanks to Tucker’s friend and fellow country star Lee Ann Womack, the two reconnected and fell in love with each other again.

Indeed, Tucker has lived quite a life.


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