Garth Brooks Reveals Reason Behind Dramatic Weight Loss

Garth Brooks is filming his historic return to Ireland for a Netflix documentary.

Dublin Live reports that Garth Brooks will have 50 cameras in the stadium filming the concerts, an undertaking that Garth has taken to another level. Event promotor Peter Aiken said that he has seen artists much younger than Garth come off the stage “in absolute bits.”

“He will run up and down and roar and shout. It takes some amount of effort. People are obsessed with doing their 10,000 steps a day and they’re in bits after. He’ll do that halfway through the show and he’s singing at the same time and keeping an eye on the band,” Aiken said.

Garth knew that playing five sold-out concerts overseas was going to take its toll, and he wanted to set himself up for success. The goal inspired him to lose 50 pounds.

“What you want to do is set yourself up for the best chance of success,” he went on to say. “You want to try to be as fit as you can. Because my job is to get to everyone in that stadium. And we have two and a half hours to get it done. So we will be moving a lot. And physically I wanted to not have that as an obstacle.”

Garth Brooks/Facebook

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