Inside Miranda Lambert’s ‘secret hideout’ that will blow your mind

Inside Miranda Lambert's 'secret hideout' that will blow your mind
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Country music singer Miranda Lambert revealed that she has a “secret hideout” she frequents when she wants to work on new music or revisit memorable moments from her past, and it’s just as stunning as the home she shares with her husband Brendan McLoughlin.


In a video shared with People, Miranda gave a glimpse inside her beloved room, which is located in her management office in Nashville.

Giving a tour of the space, which is decorated in neutral hues of cream and beige and features ample seating areas, artwork, a bar, and lush plants, Miranda said: “So, this is my secret hideout… It’s where I come to hang and write.


“There’s a bar that’s really cool [and] this is just this really cool area that’s for like, creating, brainstorming, and writing songs. We also keep a lot of memorabilia down here.”

Miranda’s ‘secret hideout’ is filled with memorabilia 

The walls are covered in Miranda’s incredible achievements throughout her career, including framed gold and platinum-selling album covers, her first number one record with her group Pistol Annies, and a giant plaque dedicated to her first number one song, White Liar.

She also has a giant neon pink guitar and matching case that lights up which she used during her performance at the ACM Awards last year alongside Elle King.

The room is decorated in neutral hues

Also taking pride of place is a stunning corset that looks more like a work of art than an item of clothing which she wore over a decade ago during her “Fastest Girl in Town days”.


Miranda called the exquisite piece, designed by The Blondes, one of her “most favorite pieces I’ve probably ever worn”.

Miranda’s ‘favorite’ piece of clothing is put out on display

The singer also shared a glimpse inside her “wardrobe archive where all the history lives”.

It features memorable looks from over the years including the nude bandage-style dress she wore on the cover of Four the Record and her fringe embellished jumpsuits she has been favoring of late.

Miranda keeps all her knockout outfits

“Everything here in this room is stuff that I’ve worn in photoshoots, music videos, album covers, award shows, red carpets dating back to 2008,” she explained.


“It’s funny when I come back here and look through stuff it brings back so many memories of so many moments in my career. It’s really cool to have, and we just keep adding – I can’t wait to see what this room looks like in the next decade.”

Watch the video here.