Reba McEntire Opens Up About How Dolly Parton Took Over Her Opry Debut

During their nearly eight-minute sit-down, Seth brought up the fact that it is the 45th anniversary since the first time she sang on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Reba then told Seth that her whole family piled in the car and drove six or seven hundred miles. They’d gone to the Opry several times over the years for vacation, but obviously this visit was a little different!

Her dad drove to the back to drop her off at the Artist Entrance, but security didn’t have her on the list. They went across the street so Reba could call her agent, who assured her that she was on the bill for that night. The McEntire clan went back to the Opry Entrance and lo and behold, her name was in fact on the list!

She was slated to perform two songs, but after she was all dressed and ready to go, she was told that they were going to have to take away one of her songs. Reba asked the OPry why and they said, “Well, Dolly Parton just pulled in the parking lot and we’re gonna give her one of your songs.

Reba recalled, “I said, ‘Shoot! She can have both of ’em, can I meet her?!” 

At Reba’s 40th Anniversary celebration, Dolly crashed her stage – yet again – but this time to give her one song spot back!

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