Wynonna Judd Says She’s “Incredibly Angry” After Mom’s Death

Wynonna Judd Says She’s “Incredibly Angry” After Mom’s Death
Wynonna Judd/Getty Images

Wynonna Judd is days away from kicking off what was supposed to be the final tour for The Judds. But, after her mom Naomi’s death in April, Wynonna will be taking the stage without her.

In her first television interview since Naomi Judd died, Wynonna opened up about her relationship with the woman who shared the stage with her for more than 8 years.

“There’s nothing like family harmony. And sometimes the only harmony we had was in music,” Wynonna said of her mom in a new interview with CBS Sunday Morning.

Wynonna and Naomi often spoke about their rocky relationship in interviews, their honesty and realness making them relatable to mothers and daughters everywhere. Though things changed when Naomi retired from The Judds following a Hepatitis C diagnosis in 1991, the pair still fought to maintain a their closeness.

“We were incredibly close then she’d get mad at me….then we’d not get along and be disconnected. Then we’d come back together and hug and cry. It was incredibly complicated,” the singer shared. “We tried really hard. And those are the tears because I know that we tried.”

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