10 Things To Know About Rex Linn, Reba McEntire’s New Boyfriend

10 Things To Know About  Rex Linn, Reba McEntire’s New Boyfriend
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During her recent Living & Learning with Reba McEntire podcast, Reba McEntire revealed that she’s dating Rex Linn. She even called him a “very, very sweetheart of a guy” during the last episode of the podcast. So, who is the guy that managed to capture the Queen of Country’s heart?


1. He’s A Country Man

Rex Linn, Reba McEntire’s new boyfriend, was born in Spearman, Texas. He is Darlene and James Paul Linn’s third child and their second son. He had two siblings. 


2. His Age as of 2022 is…

Rex was born on November 13, 1956. As of 2022, Rex is 66 years old. 

3. He and His Family Moved to Oklahoma When He Was 13

His family relocated to Oklahoma City in August 1969, where his father practiced law. While in Oklahoma, Rex attended Heritage Hall and, later, Casady School, an independent school affiliated with the Episcopal Church. 

4. He Didn’t Go Straight Into Acting

Before his career in acting, Rex worked at the Oklahoma City Zoo as a part-timer. In 1980, after he graduated from Oklahoma State University, he worked at Lakeshore Bank as their vice president of energy lending. He stayed in that job until 1982.  

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5. He Pursued a Career in Acting

Eventually, Rex Linn decided to pursue a career in acting. In 1989, he played Floyd Epps, a serial killer, in the film Night Game. After that, he also appeared in films such as Thunderheart and The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. 


6. He Got Famous Because of CSI: Miami

He is well-known for his role as Frank Tripp in the famous TV series CSI: Miami. He also gained more fame after being a part of films such as Cliffhanger, Wyat Earp, and Rush Hour.

7. He’s a Duck Calling Champion

Most people don’t know that Rex Linn is the former chairman of a yearly fundraising banquet in the 80s known as the Oklahoma City chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Rex won the state duck-calling competition in 1986 and even went to the national competition. 

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8. He Got Engaged Before Dating Reba

Rex Linn is a private man, so he doesn’t disclose information about his personal life. However, multiple sources revealed that in June 2010, he got engaged. Rex Linn’s wife-to-be was Renee DeRese.


9. He Bought an Expensive Home for His Ex-Fiancee

While Rex and DeRese were still engaged, the couple purchased a four-bedroom home worth $1,415,000 in Sherman Oaks.

10. Income Sources and Networth

Rex Linn’s primary source of income as of right now is his acting career. Estimates say that as of 2022, Rex Linn’s net worth is between $2 to $5 Million. It’s safe to say that he’s living an opulent lifestyle. 

There you go; these are the ten things you need to know about Rex Linn, Reba McEntire’s new boyfriend. 

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