Dolly Parton Reveals Elvis Presley Sang One Of Her Songs To Priscilla On Day Of Divorce


Dolly Parton recently opened up about her hit song, “I Will Always Love You,” in an interview with BBC Radio. Parton shared that Elvis actually wanted to record the song, but she turned him down. Elvis’ manager at the time, Colonel Tom Parker, said that they would have to own at least half of the publishing rights to the song. This broke Dolly’s heart because she didn’t feel like that was a sacrifice she was willing to make. It was “the most important copyright in her whole publishing company,” and she wasn’t willing to give up half of it.


Although Dolly didn’t let the “King of Rock and Roll” record her song, it still had a special place in his heart.

In fact, the song played a memorable role in the day Elvis Presley divorced Priscilla. In an interview with BBC Radio. Dolly shared a conversation she had with Priscilla Presley in which the former wife of Elvis shared the story of her and Elvis’s connection to “I Will Always Love You.”


“Elvis loved the song. In fact, I talked to Priscilla not very long ago,” Dolly recalled. “She said to me, ‘You know, Elvis sang that song to me when we walked down the courthouse steps when we got divorced. He was singing to me I Will Always Love You.’”

Dolly is paying tribute to Elvis with her new album, Rockstar.

46 years after we lost one of the most legendary artists in the world of music, Dolly is paying tribute to the singer with a special song on her upcoming album, Rockstar. The album will be released by Parton on November 17, 2023, and includes a song titled “I Dreamed About Elvis.”

Parton wrote the song 20 years ago and it will feature Ronnie McDowell and the Jordanaires. The inclusion of McDowell and the Jordanaires adds to the tribute song only makes sense since both have ties to Elvis. McDowell never worked with Elvis directly during his lifetime, the singer wrote and recorded his first country hit called “The King Is Gone” following Elvis’s death in 1977.

The Jordanaires started singing background vocals for Elvis Presley in movies, television performances and on albums in 1956. The continued to work with Presley until 1969 when his movie career was coming to an end.


“I Dreamed About Elvis” has been performed live by Dolly, it has never been recorded on an album until now.

Dolly’s Rockstar album is full of exciting collaborations

Dolly’s new album will include collaborations with some of the most talented names in the music industry including Miley Cyrus, Chris Stapleton, Stevie Nicks, Pink, Brandy Carlisle, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and more!

To hear Dolly sing “Let It Be” with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, listen to the video below.