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How Tanya Tucker Went Under The Knife To Look Younger

When the multimillionaire Tanya Tucker decided to go under the knife to change her looks due to aging, she never expected it to go wrong. Tanya thought she would get a better wrinkle-free face after undergoing a standard and safe procedure, but unexpected things happen in life.


In the interview with journalist Dan Rather, Tanya recounts the horrible event that made her regret her decision in 2008 to undergo plastic surgery. Here is a clip from the interview.

In the interview, Tucker describes how the horrible surgery went.


I wanted to get a chemical peel on my face. It’s a standard [procedure]; it’s not even a hospital stay.

The country singer added:

They caught the laser on fire with the oxygen… the only thing I remember hearing is, ‘Get the ambulance, we’ve got a fire.’ [I had] second and third-degree burns from here down on my face, and then the flames went up into my nose and down into my lungs… It was the worst thing… I was just saying, ‘God, why me?

The horrible event changed Tanya Tucker’s life forever.


It also changed my voice, which has been another obstacle I’ve had to overcome. I’ve had to struggle to reach certain notes, which I never had to do before.

Tanya spent about $500,000 to cope with the depression she went through after the horrific operation. Well, for now, she is doing well and improving her mental health.

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