Recollect The Memories Of “The Gentle Giant” Don Williams

I’m pretty sure, a lot of people out there misses the one and only “Gentle Giant” Don Williams, especially the country music obsessives. The warm, smooth, soft toned voice that touched our hearts through his songs. Not only that, but his high music has pierced our souls, too.  With this, let’s go and recollect his memories with his hits and some videos worth remembering.

First on the list are two videos wherein he received his back-to-back awards. These were “Male Vocalist of the Year” at  Academy of Country Music Awards and “Single of the Year” at the Country Music Association Awards.

I’m pretty sure once you watch these videos, a bunch of memories will flash back. Probably, some of you have encountered Williams before, or some have gone watched his concerts. Whatever it is, these will give you the feels.

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