Throwback To The Gambler Movie Series That Thrilled Us All During The 80s and 90s

The Gambler Movie
The Gambler Movie

The Gambler movie series is one massive proof of how a big star Kenny Rogers is!

In 1980, Kenny Rogers as The Gambler premiered on CBS, and it turned out to be such a massive-ratings hit – taking home the Eddie Award for Best Edited Television Special. It also generated two Emmy nominations for its outstanding cinematography and film editing.

The movie series was so good that due to popular demand, Rogers’s beloved character came back on CBS three years later – which generated even better ratings and earned another two Emmy Awards nominations. Three more installments followed, carrying on Hawke’s thrilling escapades – with his friend Bill Montana and his son Jeremiah usually tagging along. 

Let’s take a look back at these five films in the widely known TV series!

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