Throwback To The Gambler Movie Series That Thrilled Us All During The 80s and 90s


Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues (1983)

Indeed, Rogers has successfully developed the Gambler persona! The country singer came back once again as Brady Hawkes for the show’s sequel, which debuted on CBS in November 1983.


It now tells the tale of Hawkes’ journey with Billy Montana and his son Jeremiah. The trio traveled to San Francisco to join a gambling event when they clashed with the ferocious McCourt gang, who forcibly stopped the train they were riding and took Jeremiah as a hostage. The gang then demanded for a million-dollar as ransom.

Hawkes and Montana were very determined to take Jeremiah back! With the help of a female bounty hunter named Kate Muldoon, they formed a group together with a mission of saving Jeremiah.

This exciting plot made the show even more successful than the first one!

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