Why Brooks Doesn’t Sell the Front Row Seats at His Concerts

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks

Have you ever tried to buy front row tickets to a Garth Brooks concert, only to find out that the option is unavailable? As CMT reports, the country superstar and touring veteran revealed why that’s the case in a new #AskGarth segment during his Facebook show.

After a lifetime of touring, Brooks has had enough of ticket scalpers and  “disinterested spectators not really into the music and looking around to see who’s seeing them being there at the show.” So, instead of selling the tickets publicly, Brooks found a new way to fill those sought-after rows with true fans.

He reveals that the first two rows of every concert are reserved ahead of time, and his crew members distribute the tickets themselves. Before the show starts, they head up to the seats that are furthest away and give unsuspecting fans a major upgrade. Brooks reasons those fans will be “very excited” to sit closer to the action.

Brooks isn’t the only touring icon to do this. Metallica, U2, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen have been known to do the same things for their fans, and Brooks consulted with them before he implemented the plan.

Now, the next time you buy tickets in the cheap seats, you can think of it as a chance to test your luck. Who knows — you might just end up inches away from the “Friends In Low Places Singer” himself.

After the COVID-19-induced touring hiatus of the last year, Brooks is back on the road in full force. His sold-out Stadium 2021 tour kicked off in Las Vegas on July 10, and continues through October, with more dates being announced as it goes along.