The Story Behind The Song: “Got The All-Overs For You”

Freddie Hart
Freddie Hart

With the release of “Got The All-Overs For You”, Freddie Hart started a new precedent in his recording career. It was the first of his singles to credit his touring band, the Heartbeats, on the label. This was strictly Hart’s idea, not the promotions department. Freddie felt he had one of the finest bands in the country backing him up and he wanted them to share in his success.

Like one of Hart’s early compositions, “Loose Talk,” (which Carl Smith took for a seven-week ride at #1 in 1955), “Got The All-Overs For You” was born out of a conversation. Wade Pepper was the head man at Capitol Records and Freddie was in his office one day. Pepper said, “Freddie, I’ve got this girl who works for me and every time she hears one of your songs, she gets the all-overs.” Freddie answered, “Wade, I’m going to write a song about that.”

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