The Kentucky Tornado Put An Ear Of Corn Through A John Deere Windshield

Reddit / Dottie McFierceon

The 100mph tornado that shredded through Kentucky caused more damage to the state than any other tornado has done in its recorded history.


Many people today are still cleaning up the mess the tornado made and there have been many pictures surfacing that show just how destructive it was. One of the most telling photos that showed the power of the storm came from a Kentucky farmer.

Photos posted to Reddit by Dottie McFierceon showed an ear of corn impaling the thick glass of a John Deere tractor that happened to be near a cornfield when the tornado hit.

The farmer brought the tractor into their local John Deere repair shop owned by Dottie to get the window replaced and multiple photos showed different angles of the embedded ear of corn.

It’s just mind-blowing how fast it must have been traveling to have had the strength to pierce through the windshield. Imagine if the farmer would have been driving the tractor at the time of impact…very scary.

Hopefully, the farmer had insurance and it’s not going to cost him an arm and a leg to get fixed. Many people in Kentucky got it much worse and are still in desperate need of help.

The state of Kentucky has an official website where people can donate money to help the victims of the devastating tornado.

If you’d like to donate, click here to be taken to the page where you can find more information.

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