The Story Behind The Song: “Too Much Is Not Enough”

At that point, the record bogged down in the legal department. Neither the Foresters’ label nor Curb was particularly helpful in getting all the paperwork taken care of, plus Curb was complaining about the cost to bring the girls up from Chattanooga to Nashville to record “Too Much Is Not Enough.”

Ultimately, Howard & David paid for the Foresters to come in and they all spent two hours getting the vocals down in one mammoth session. Producer Emory Gordy reflects that it was difficult mixing six individual voices on a single song. In lieu of a bass singer in the studio, Howard Bellamy ended up doing that part by default.

David Bellamy and Kim Forester shared the vocal leads. Once the track was finished, David persuaded Gordy and Jimmy Bowen to get the master ready to release, even though the legal departments were still dragging their feet. Of course, after the labels, the lawyers and everybody heard the cut, it was their idea all along.

The result was an energetic single, which debuted in Billboard on September 27, 1986 at #51. It rose to the summit 13 weeks later on December 20th and provided the foundation for a joint concert trek –
appropriately billed as the “Brothers and Sisters Tour.”

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