15 Most Well-Loved Keith Whitley Songs That Keep His Musical Legacy Alive

keith whitley
keith whitley

Ask anyone in country music right now, and there’s a big chance they will tell you that Keith Whitley songs are among the greatest of all time. All through the genre’s history, there’s never been a haunting voice quite like Whitley’s. His powerful ability to bring emotion to his songs is just something only a few artists could ever match.

Isn’t it unfortunate how Whitley’s career ended a little too early? But in the less than four years between the release of his debut single and his unexpected passing in 1989 following a weekend of heavy drinking, the country icon was able to release two albums and an EP. Several more studio albums were even released after his death. His rich musical legacy also includes nineteen singles on the Billboard charts, making us wonder what kind of influence he would have made on the genre had he lived longer.

So, in honor of Keith Whitley‘s outstanding talent and music, let’s take a look back at some of his greatest hits.

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