Throwback To One of The First Country No. 1 Hits of Hank Williams, “Cold, Cold Heart”

The Story Behind The Song

Written by Hank Williams, “Cold, Cold Heart” is a dark ballad filled with resentment, bitterness, and hopeless love.

In one episode of the Emmy-winning documentary series American Masters, country music historian Colin Escott took a closer look at the enduring life of Williams. He said that the country legend was moved to write “Cold, Cold Heart” after visiting his wife Audrey Williams in the hospital. 

Williams thought that his being there – along with the presents he had brought – would tear down the wall that had come between them. However, much to his surprise, Audrey never spoke to him during his entire visit.  

With his eyes sad and mournful, Williams told the family housekeeper: “She’s got the coldest heart I’ve ever seen.” And his words quickly fell together into a song!

You can listen to “Cold, Cold Heart” by Hank Williams in the video below.

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