The Story Behind The Song: “I Told You So” – Randy Travis

Fortunately, Traywick lived through all that and managed to acquire the right guidance at just the right time. After quitting high school, Randy gained employment with club owner Lib Hatcher and she stood behind him at his lowest point. With the boy set for a now-customary court appearance, even his attorney thought he would receive a minimum five-year sentence. But because Hatcher provided gainful employment and believed so strongly in him, the court gave Randy one last chance to straighten up. With Lib’s help, he did.

Hatcher made Randy a regular performer at her “Country City USA,” nightclub in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she moved to Nashville and purchased a new venue, “The Nashville Palace” in 1981, Randy came along with her.

By 1986, Traywick (now known as “Randy Travis”) had been able to attract some attention among record executives with his performances at the Nashville Palace and he was signed by Warner Bros. Records. The “Neo-Traditional” movement was about to hit the nation and Randy’s success built quickly with two incredibly-strong multi-platinum albums in “Storms Of Life” and “Always And Forever.”

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